Wheely 8

Are you ready to help Wheely with his new mission? He is back to his native town for a long holiday and has planned for several things to be done during his stay. One of these plans include going on a picnic to the beach with his close friends; the blue, green, and black car. On their way to the picnic, the blue car gets kidnapped by the Devil. Will Wheely be able to get his friend back from the clutches of the Devil?

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The blue car has been taken to a remote island and Wheely will have to work real hard to reach that place. The game involves 15 tricky levels and with each level that Wheely crosses, he will get closer to his friend. In the 14th and 15th level of the game, Wheely will have a tough fight with the Devil for rescuing his blue car. The entire game is extremely engrossing that will keep the kids busy for few days.

As the game is apt for the younger generation, the developers have made the controls super easy. It is a mouse-based game so kids have to click on things to move or merge them. The game can be enjoyed by kids of all ages. There are several tricky challenges in the game, which kids won’t be able to complete quickly. So, to make their game simpler, here are some tricks that they could follow for completing the tricky levels:

  • The challenging levels begin in Level 6. So, ensure that you make Wheely cross the river on a ship to reach the flag.
  • In Level 7, join all puzzles in the map to find the right way to the island.
  • Make a square and then a circle in the puzzle for completing Level 8.
  • Click the Up button to make a bridge for crossing the sea. Then, let Wheely climb up and get the flag.
  • The flag is in the left corner of the screen and for that you need to first travel by sea and then by road in Level 9.

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  • Level 10 revolves around removing the various obstacles by clicking them. Don’t forget to pick the Diamond sword in this level as it will be helpful in the final stages of the game.
  • In Level 11, you will finally reach the end of the map and will be able to see the island where the Devil is staying.
  • The Level 12 is an interesting one as you will come across several cars sent by Devil to fight with Wheely.
  • In Level 13, Wheely will kill all the opponent’s cars and clear his way to reach the island.
  • Level 14 involves a fight with the Devil. It is a timer level so you need to act quickly. Ensure that you use the Diamond sword to kill the Devil.
  • The Blue car is very happy to find Wheely in the island and they both return happily back home.

Wheely 8 is a fascinating game that kids are surely going to enjoy. So, have fun while playing your favorite game.

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