Wheely 7

Wheely 7 is yet another adventurous driving game from the Wheely series. If you enjoy playing heroic games then Wheely 7 will be the right choice for you! Its cute graphics and clean gameplay has made Wheely 7 the perfect game for the younger generation. Kids of all age groups can enjoy the game to the fullest.

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The gameplay begins with Wheely opening a bank account in his locality. However, a gang of cars robbed the local bank. Wheely, the Detective needs to solve the case by detaining the thieves. Will Wheely be able to find the robbers who stole his money?

Playing the game is simple as its controls are mouse-based. So, kids can play the game without any problems. You just need to click on the things to make them move or stop. For hunting the hidden mechanisms you need to click and drag the objects. The mouse will help you to uncover clues and remove the obstacles that come in the way of the red car.

The game has 15 interesting and engrossing levels, and Wheely has to reach the red flag in each of them so that he can unlock the new level. He is even required to find the hidden tire and the mini car in each level. There are some clever challenges that you need to solve in various stages of the game. The kids might get stuck up in some of these challenges. Most of the complicated challenges begin from Level 5. So, to make the game simpler, listed below are some strategies that you could follow to make Wheely reach his goal:

  • In Level 5, you need to open the lock and then let Wheely climb up and reach the flag.
  • Make the circuit complete by dragging and adding the battery in Level 6.
  • Complete the puzzle in Level 7 by dragging gas, Pegas logo, and the bus.
  • In this puzzle, fill the trucks properly by placing each block accurately. Let the entire truck get filled to the brim in Level 8.

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  • Let Wheely sail on the boat and then get carried up with the help of a pulley in Level 9.
  • Ensure that you pull the vehicle of the robbers up with the help of the crane in Level 12.
  • The puzzle can be completed by calling the right vehicle and finding its location in Level 11.
  • You need to jump down and let Wheely drive straight to get the flag in Level 12.
  • In Level 13, click each light and join the puzzle to make Wheely reach the flag.
  • Level 14 is yet another interesting puzzle that needs to be solved patiently.
  • Find the key at Level 15, which is the final level of the game. With this key you will be able to unlock the jewels but be quick as it is a timer level.

These tricks will certainly make you catch hold of the robbers quickly. So, help Wheely get back his stolen cash in this amazing and adventurous driving game! Happy playing!

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