Wheely 6

Wheely 6 is an engrossing driving game, which is a sequel of the Wheely series. The game is perfect for young children and can be enjoyed by kids of all ages. In this game, Wheely has to reach the red flag to cross each level. Controlling the game is easy, as you need to click with your mouse to make Wheely; the red car move in the game. So, kids can manage the entire game effortlessly. You will come across several obstacles in the game that can be cleared by clicking on those things with the mouse.

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The mission of Wheely in this game is to save the Princess. The game begins when Wheely is watching a movie in the theater. Suddenly, the evil knight teleported him to the fairy land. This fairy tale adventurous series will keep you hooked to your screens as you will come across various barriers to reach the evil knight, which resides on the purple dragon. Some of the engrossing moments of the game include retrieving the golden sword, wielding the lance, winning the medieval argument, entering the palace, and more.

The game consists of 14 levels and as you keep progressing in the game all these levels will get unlocked. There are some tricky stages in each level that needs to be handled carefully. So, you can keep the below-mentioned tips in mind as they will make your tricky levels simpler:

  • You need to cross the sea through the ship at Level 2.
  • In Level 3, pick the sword and open up the bridge so that the opponent’s vehicle falls into it.
  • In Level 5, use the bow and arrow to wake up the dragon, which will bang the opponent’s vehicle and clear your way.
  • Don’t forget to pick the Golden sword in Level 6 as this sword will be helpful for you to kill the dragons in the next stages of the game.

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  • Click the icons on the mountain to make a bridge for Wheely in Level 7.
  • You will have to use the pulley in Level 8 for making a road for the red car to travel.
  • To open the door of the first screen in Level 9, make the rectangular puzzle. In the next screen, find three keys to open the door.
  • In Level 10, you need to burn the opponent’s car with fire.
  • Kill the dragon with the stone in Level 12 and don’t forget to collect the shield.
  • Use the golden sword to kill the flying dragons. Keep going up and down to save yourself from the evil knight on the purple dragon. Once the evil knight is killed, the purple dragon will fly you to the next level of the game.
  • The Level 14 is the final level of the game where you will find the Princess.

The Wheely series has always kept the little ones busy and entertained. Similar is the case with the Wheely 6 game, so have fun while making your red car cross the difficult levels!

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