Wheely 5

Are you ready to help Wheely purchase a lawn mower and drive him safely back home? If yes, then start playing the Wheely 5 game right away! Wheely 5 is an interesting puzzle game that can be enjoyed by kids of all age groups. It is an educational game for the little ones where they need to make bridges for the red car to move and carefully drive their way through the traffic.

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In this series of online driving game, Wheely is a family man. One day he decided to cut some grass near his house. While trying to mow the lawn, his lawn mower broke as it hit a large rock. So, he needs to fix his lawn mower or purchase a new one. A short trip to find a new lawn mower is going to turn into a nightmare for Wheely. Will you be able to help Wheely survive the madness?

The controls of the game are very simple and kids will be able to manage the game by themselves. You need to use the mouse for movement of the red car and for clicking other stuffs depending on each level. There are several levels in the game that are locked. As you keep progressing in the game, these levels will get unlocked.

Each level of Wheely 5 is an adventurous one. You need to push buttons and flip switches to keep Wheely moving steadily in search of the land mower. At the end of each level, Wheely will earn stars depending on his performance in the particular level. So, you need to be very cautious and try to earn all three stars in each level of the game.

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Wheely will come across several obstacles on his way and you need to tactfully solve these situations so that he can complete his goal. You have to drive through traffic jams and maneuver around a ship in this series of Wheely. There are some stages in the level where kids might get stuck up. To make their game easier, here are some tricks that they could use for solving the tough levels:

  • In Level 7, keep floating on the wood to save the car from drowning in the water.
  • In Level 8, move the car only when the fire is extinguished with the help of the fire-extinguishers.
  • To complete the Level 9, you will have to make the car flip over and drive it upside-down.
  • Get into the Rocket to complete Level 10.
  • In Level 11, you need to ignite the Rocket and go up in the sky.
  • First come down, then go to the Left, go up, then again to the Left, and then go down to solve the puzzle in Level 12.
  • The Level 13 is the last level of the game and is a timer one, so you need to act quickly. You have to try to reach the Earth again as you will find the land mower there.

These tricks will surely make your game an engrossing one. So, enjoy playing the entertaining Wheely 5 online game!

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