Wheely 4

Are you ready for another adventurous game from the Wheely series? Then, start playing Wheely 4 online game that can be played on all flash-based browsers. The game can be run on any computer with lowest of graphic settings, and this feature makes it the most widely played flash game on browser.

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In this game, Wheely accidentally broke his wheel and goes to the garage for getting it repaired. In the garage, all hell broke loose and Wheely finds himself in the past. Wheely wants to return back to the present, can you help him in doing so? The game is actually meant for kids but people of all age groups will enjoy playing it as it features lots of witty puzzles and mini-games.

The controls are simple, as every action in the game can be controlled with the help of mouse. You can move as well as make Wheely stop by pressing the left mouse key. Moreover, you can perform other actions such as operating lever, rotating wheels, and pressing buttons by using the mouse.

The game consists of 16 engaging levels, where each level will be more challenging than the previous one. Don’t worry; just use the below-mentioned tricks and enjoy the game:

  • Level 1 is very simple but you will encounter few bumps on your way towards the flag.
  • In Level 2, you visit a garage to repair the wheel and are accidentally sent to the past.
  • To clear level 3, just wait for the moving bridge to be stable and then drive towards the checkpoint.
  • In Level 4, guide the mouse towards the Elephant, this will wake up the Elephant and you will have room to move Wheely towards the red flag.
  • In Level 5, slide the rock in the wooden balance, then drive towards the other end and ascend towards the bridge.

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  • Level 6 and 7 are interconnected. Drive towards the red flag in Level 6 but you will be eaten by a dinosaur. Escape from the dinosaur’s stomach by running ahead and dodging obstacles.
  • In Level 8, arrange the puzzle in the correct order to lift the barricade, and scare the phantom car by turning on your headlights.
  • To clear Level 9, drag the clock to the other end and change the time to 5:45, this will create a bridge mechanism towards the checkpoint.
  • In Level 10, lower the lever to descend downwards then drive backwards towards the inclined bridge and descend towards the checkpoint.
  • Just drive towards the lifting mechanism and rotate the wheel to ascend upwards. Then, activate the current by pressing the lever and run past the trucks to unlock Level 12. Also, use the jetpack and fly towards the red flag.
  • Use jetpacks and cross the moving bridge in order to clear Level 13.
  • Level 14 is very simple; avoid the laser beams and plan your movements by syncing with the laser beams.
  • Look out for clues and decipher them correctly in order to find a path to clear Level 15.
  • In Level 16, you will be back in the present time and at the same garage, but in a wrecked condition. Just tap on the repair icons to restore your car.

Simple, isn’t it? If you are fond of gripping games, then Wheely 4 is a right game for you!

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