Wheely 3

Wheely 3 is the third installment of the fun-filled Wheely series. It is a browser-based game, which can be played on all computers if you have a flash-player installed. The simple, yet beautiful graphics and engaging storyline will keep you hooked on to the game for hours. If you are looking for a way to relieve yourself of your daily stress, then you should try playing Wheely 3.

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The game brings you an episode of Wheely’s life where he embarks on a journey to bring new wheel for his love; Jolie – the Pink Car. Can you help him in this amazing journey, which will test your wits? The game is very easy to play as all the controls in the game are based on mouse. You can control actions such as start, stop, moving the special objects by just using the mouse left key.

The game enhances your problem solving skills as you have to solve lots of mini-puzzles. The objective of the game is simple; you have to reach the checkpoint in order to advance to the next level. The game features 12 engrossing levels filled with new and cool mini-games, where each level will be tougher than the previous one.

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If you want your gaming experience to be more enjoyable then just follow the below-mentioned tricks:

  • Slide the red button to create an inclined bridge then drive towards the Red Flag to clear Level 1.
  • In Level 2, go to the right side by using the spring mechanism in the bulldozer, then use the oil canister to fill fuel in the car. As soon as the other car is gone descend downwards using the same bulldozer.
  • Rotate the lever to release the Wheel, then connect the Wheel to the tube and you are done with Level 3.
  • In Level 4, just loose the security trucks by pressing the prompts when they appear.
  • Paint the cardboard box red and then drive it towards the security trucks, once they are after the container just drive towards the red flag and progress to Level 6.
  • In Level 6, connect the pipes, and then pull the lever in order to fill the fuel in your fuel tank.
  • To clear Level 7, wait for the bridge to collapse and after that tap the container to get a rocket. Attach the rocket to Wheely to safely reach the red flag.
  • Arrange the cubes in such an order so that all the red colored cubes are on the top, all red and blue cubes are in the middle, and all blue cubes are at the bottom to clear Level 8.
  • In Level 9, use the fire extinguisher to ascend higher in the air towards the checkpoint.
  • Analyze the clues correctly in order to clear Level 10.
  • Level 11 is a bit tricky, but all you need to do is avoid being detected and proceed towards the checkpoint.
  • In Level 12, rotate the wheel to reveal the knife, and then swing towards the knife to cut Wheely loose.

Interesting, isn’t it? Play Wheely 3 right now, and be a part of the epic adventure!

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