Wheely 2

The Wheely 2 online game is an absolute treat for all car game lovers! Its amazing graphics and characters make it ideal for people of all ages. The game brings forward another adventure from the life of our beloved character Wheely.

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The story begins with Wheely dreaming about his dream girl, a pink car. In order meet the pink car, Wheely embarks on a journey to the Car Show. Do you want to help Wheely meet his true love? Then, join Wheely in this amazing journey!

The controls are very simple you can command Wheely to advance and stop by clicking on him. All other controls are also mouse-based, which makes it extremely user-friendly for kids.

The game consists of 16 missions with some unique and challenging mini-puzzles in each level. You can complete the level by reaching the red flag; new level is also unlocked on completion of the mission. The game becomes difficult as the level increases, so to make things easy follow the below-mentioned level-wise tips that will make your gaming experience smoother:

  • Level 1 is simple; just tap Wheely till it walks towards the elevator. Then, press the elevator button to descend downwards, and then race towards the red flag.
  • In Level 2, push the forklift towards the speakers, then lift the speakers using the forklift and put them on the balance. The mechanism will pull you upwards; now just walk towards the checkpoint.
  • Level 3 is a bit tricky, first use the RC Car to press a button and unlock RC Helicopter. Then, direct the RC Helicopter, which activates the bridge towards the red flag.
  • In Level 4, tilt the plane till the cargo packages fall down, then go towards the control pod and use it to escape from the plane before time runs out.
  • Just walk towards the edge and use the vine to swing towards the red flag and you have cleared level 5.

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  • The Levels 6 is pretty simple; all you need to do is avoid being hit by the avalanche, and complete the race faster than other players.
  • Be calm and use the wheel mechanisms to complete Level 7.
  • Level 8 and 9 are interconnected; just tap the vacuum till its falls on Wheely. Here, the clouds work as a lifting mechanism, tap on the small clouds to go up, and tap on big clouds to go down till you reach the red flag.
  • In Level 10, attach the strings to the hooks present on the train’s compartment to lift them. Once they are lifted, mount Wheely on the compartment.
  • In Level 11, escape the train by moving left, and clear all obstacles quickly.
  • Create the bridge by joining pieces together in order to clear Level 12.
  • Use the lever visible on the tow truck to climb on it and proceed towards Level 13.
  • Level 14 is also easy; use the headlights to guide you towards clues, and solve the clues to clear the level.
  • In Level 15, press the wooden bamboo sticks to create a sound effect in order to activate the hidden door.
  • In the final level, you need to save your love, and for that just connect the stings to your car and press accelerator as fast as you can to save her.

So, use these tricks and enjoy playing Wheely 2, which is another entertaining game from the Wheely series!

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