Wheely 1

Wheely 1 is an addictive browser based flash game, which puts your creative skills to test. The game begins when Wheely, the car wants to reach a race track in order to participate in a race. You have to overcome lots of obstacles in order to win the game and need to clear the levels by deciphering the hidden challenges and solving the obstacles, which will also include pulling handles, rotating levers, etc.

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Here are some important features of the game:

  • The game is extremely easy to play, all the controls of the game are mouse based, which means any person can play the game with ease.
  • You can toggle sound and music any time between the game, which means you start and stop the music at your will.
  • Join the trill in 16 Levels of epic fun-filled challenging missions, which will take you for a spin.

Below are some of the tips, which will aid you in the game:

  • Level 1 is pretty simple and can be cleared by rotating the lever 360 degrees.
  • In Level 2 you have to get rid of the other car by sliding the button.
  • The challenge begins in Level 3, where you have to avoid being spotted by laser beams. In order to do so, hide in the box and then drive safely to the goal.
  • In Level 4, use the vacuum to lift the car and reach at a safe point, then destroy the bulldozer by pressing the red button as soon as it appears.
  • Select the color, wheels, and window shade of your car correctly in order to clear Level 5.
  • Clear Level 6 by racing towards the shore and ringing the bell to call the rescue boat.
  • In Level 7, you will come across two big saw blades. Don’t panic; just plan your moves according to the saw movement! After sometime you will be stuck in a pothole, now just blow enough air into the wheel before you are crushed by the blades.
  • Just be patient and analyze the clues properly to clear level 8.
  • In Level 9 you have to evade two cop cars by bringing obstacles on their path such as manholes, barricades, etc.

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  • Just dive into the water in the submarine and then use logs to raise Wheely towards the red flag in order to clear level 10.
  • Level 11 is extremely simple; just unhook the cable cars on the wheel in order to initiate the rotating mechanism and repeat the same action 3-4 times.
  • Arrange the wires in order to activate the current flow and drive to the goal flag. Once done; you have cleared level 12.
  • In Level 13, you have to attach the car to magnets connected to air balloons, go with the flow of the air turbines and you will reach the end.
  • In Level 14, just drive slowly and carefully towards the flags. Be careful, so that you do not put more strain on the bridge.
  • This is the final level; just stand on the podium where you will be numbered and join other cars for the race.

Use these tips and join Wheely on an epic journey to reach the race track!

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