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Welcome to the Wheely Club! In this website, we will discuss about the tips, tricks, controls, levels, and everything else about the Wheely game series. Wheely is a cute little red car that faces several problems in the different versions of the game. So, are you geared up to save Wheely from these obstacles?

Wheely 1

Wheely wants to participate in a race but he is finding difficulty in solving the various stages of the game. He needs your help to solve the numerous barriers that come in between his way. The game is super-easy to play as you just need to point and click with your mouse. Make Wheely reach the final stage of the game, so that he can take part in the race!

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Wheely 2

Our favorite Wheely character has fallen in love with a pink car. He is waiting to meet her again at the car show. So, he begins his journey to the show, but comes across several obstacles on the way. Will he be able to meet her?

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Wheely 3

Jolie, the Pink Car wants new wheels so Wheely goes out shopping. However, it is not easy for him to purchase the wheels as he comes across security trucks, fire extinguishers, rockets, etc. The game is an engrossing one, and you will surely enjoy each level of the game.

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Wheely 4

Wheely has accidently gone to his past. He had gone to the garage for getting his wheel fixed when this mishap happened. It’s going to be real tough to bring Wheely back to the present. However, this is exactly what the Wheely game series is all about!

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Wheely 5

Wheely’s lawn mower broke and he needs to buy a new one. On his way to purchase the new mower he comes across various difficulties. He is in dire need of your help. Will you be able to help him out with these obstacles?

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Wheely 6

The evil knight has teleported Wheely to the fairy land and over there he needs to rescue the Princess. You will have to kill various dragons in several stages of the game. The golden sword is going to be helpful in killing the evil knight. So, are you ready for some adventurous time?

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Wheely 7

The story continues with yet another adventure for Wheely to solve! In this game, Wheely’s money has been stolen from the local bank. So, he needs to get hold of the robbers as quickly as possible. The game has 15 challenging levels that will keep you captivated to your screens. Kids are surely going to have fun while playing this daring game.

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Wheely 8

Wheely is off for a picnic with his friends. However, the blue car gets kidnapped by the Devil and Wheely goes for a fanatic search for his close friend. The game involves several complicated and engaging levels. You need to pick the Diamond Sword in one of the levels as with that sword you will be able to kill the Devil. Can Wheely save his friend?

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The Wheely series are extremely easy to play so start playing these adventurous games and make your day an entertaining one!


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